31 Days of Halloween-Day One: Werewolf of London (1935)

While I along with the rest of monster movie kid world wait for the new Universal Horror blu-rays to arrive, Halloween month has arrived. So, each day this month I’ll be watching at least one classic (and some bad) horror movie and sharing it with you. First up, Werewolf of London from 1935. This movie is available on DVD as part of a double feature with the less than impressive She-Wolf of London or as part of the Wolf Man Legacy Collection set (now out-of-print). It doesn’t have the big star power of other Universal Horror films. Henry Hull heads up the cast as Dr. Glendon, our resident werewolf. Unfortunately, the makeup is minimalized due to his unwillingness to sit for hours. This movie is his most memorable while he did star in Alfred Hitchcock’s Lifeboat and High Sierra with Humphrey Bogart. More memorable is Warner Oland as Dr. Yogami, better known to many as Charlie Chan in that mystery film series. Trivia note: Bela Lugosi was originally considered for the role. Eagle eyes will recognize actress Valerie Hobson, who played Lisa Glendon, moreso for her role on Dr. Henry Frankenstein’s wife in The Bride of Frankenstein. The movie suffers from too much similarity to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde but is still a fun way to spend 75 minutes while waiting for a superior werewolf film to arrive in the mail.


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