31 Days of Halloween-Day 12: Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (1969)

Three years after creating a beautiful creature in Frankenstein Created Woman, Baron Frankenstein is back to creating monstrosities in 1969’s Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed. Peter Cushing is back for his fifth appearance as the Baron and he delivers another classic performance. In fact, he is at his most evil this time around. Not only does he blackmail young Karl (Simon Ward) into being his assistant, he assaults Karl’s fiancée Anna (played by the lovely Veronica Carlson). Thorley Walters, who previously played the Baron’s assistant, is now Inspector Frisch, who is in hot pursuit of the Baron. As the Baron and Karl break Dr. Brandt (a former associate of the Baron) out of an insane asylum, a trail of death soon follows. Brandt’s brain is removed in an attempt to save his knowledge and put it into a new body. Yes, you know things aren’t going to end very well for the Baron and those around him. This respectable entry in the series was directed by Hammer mainstay Terrence Fisher and was well-received by the horror audience at the time. The most critical scene of the movie is where the Baron rapes Anna. Both Cushing and Carlson objected to the scene as did Fisher. However, the scene was filmed on the insistence of the studio executives to make the American audiences happy. Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed is currently available on DVD both as a single release and as part of the TCM Greatest Film Collection series along with three other Hammer films.


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