DVR Overload

I’ve survived the 31 Days of Halloween! So, the question is…what’s next? While horror and sci-fi are the cornerstones of my personal movie interests, man does not live on these alone. In the months to come, I’ll be covering other genres such as action, western and comedy. It’s back to my daily viewing of The Three Stooges as I work toward finishing the entire series, including random solo short subjects, by the end of the year. In November, I think there may be a 007 movie or two on the horizon in anticipation of the upcoming Skyfall. December will see plenty of Christmas films but that doesn’t mean we can’t dive into some holiday horror (Rare Exports and Saint Nick). And after all, Santa Claus Conquers The Martians can be pretty frightening. I’ll get on a regular schedule of two or three posts a week, with one full review a week and other random thoughts, such as viewing suggestions or other cool finds. I also have a few Halloween leftovers that I ran out of time to cover, such as V/H/S and Werewolf: The Beast Among Us.

For now, my DVR is begging for some attention as I haven’t seen an episode from this season’s Fringe yet. I’m going to give the new season of American Horror Story a try after giving up mid-way through the first season (far too cliché). I’m also interested in Arrow as I’ve heard some good things about it. Not to mention a few episodes of The Walking Dead, Ghost Hunters and Comic Book Men. Stay tuned, the last 31 days was just the beginning. Thank you for your support!


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