His name is Bond . . . James Bond

Everyone has their favorite James Bond. Older fans of 007 will almost always choose Sean Connery. Those who grew up in the 70s might prefer Roger Moore. And younger fans will almost certainly prefer Daniel Craig’s style. However, a true fan of James Bond can find something to appreciate from all of the different 007s. The same goes for your favorite movies. With 50 years of cinematic Bond to choose from, everyone’s list is going to be different. So, as Skyfall opens this week and I begin to makes plans to see it, along with revisiting the last two adventures with Daniel Craig, here is a list of my personal top five favorite Bond flicks. As with any list, it can change depending on your mood and, of course, how good the latest film may or may not be.

  1. Goldfinger (1964, Sean Connery is at his best, one of the better soundtracks and best dialogue)
  2. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1968, I’ve grown to appreciate George Lazenby’s less than stellar performance, enhanced by some killer songs, Telly Savalas and Diana Rigg)
  3. From Russia With Love (1963, Sean Connery was still getting into the role but a classic 1960s spy thriller, great action sequences)
  4. Moonraker (1979, Roger Moore at his cheesiest and right before he really started to look too old for the role, I have a soft spot for this one since it was my first Bond film in a theatre and I have fond memories of late 70s movies clearly inspired by Star Wars, probably not worthy of a top five but..)
  5. Casino Royale (2006, Daniel Craig is not the suave Bond we love in earlier films but perfect for modern day, the action is gritty and it was fun to see Bond develop into agent 007)

Now, I love Pierce Brosnan’s performances but his four films all have an issue or two that prevent them from making my top five, from a lame villain to too many gadgets to Denise Richards. Sorry, no love for Timothy Dalton either. The Living Daylights is a good movie but his performance always seemed to be lacking something. Not suave enough and lacking charm for starters. And, if you’re wondering, my least favorite of all time would be A View To A Kill. Roger Moore was too old and Tanya Roberts was just wrong for the part. That said, I can find some enjoyment from all Bond movies and I’m more than ready to check out Skyfall. I already think Adele’s theme is a perfect throwback and one of the better theme songs in quite a while. I can’t believe this is the 50th anniversary. Just seems like yesterday I was discovering these great movies on the ABC Sunday Night Movie back in the 70s and 80s.

2 thoughts on “His name is Bond . . . James Bond

  1. Nice top five list. It parallels mine pretty closely. My five are:

    1) You Only Live Twice
    2) Live and Let Die
    3) From Russia With Love
    4) Casino Royale (2006)
    5) Goldfinger

    I would also agree with you that On Her Majesty’s Secret Service gets a worse rep than it deserves. I think Lazenby’s Bond may be too sensitive for some. The Living Daylights would probably be my sixth choice but, I do agree with you that there is something missing from Dalton’s Bond. As a note on the above list, I generally dislike Moore as Bond but I really think they worked overtime to sell him as the new bond with a great script with awesome music and, of course, Jane Seymour didn’t hurt either.

    • Yes, “Live and Let Die” would be my #6 and “You Only Live Twice would be somewhere between 7 and 10. Moore was too cheesy but, at the same time, he was my first Bond so I have a soft spot for his earlier films.

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