Man Does Not Live On Movies Alone

doctor-who-christmas-special-2012-snowmen-bbc-americaBefore I fell in love with the cinema, I enjoyed watching that little box everyone has in their home. I have vivid memories of watching Star Trek at the age of 3. My favorite comedy growing up was Gilligan’s Island and I always enjoyed a good western. My favorities were The Big Valley, The High Chapparal and Branded. As I’ve started to think about what I want to watch in 2013, my thoughts are to watch a few less movies and a little more classic television. There are a few good shows to watch on TV now but you might need some help weeding through it all. Check out my friend Nick Sauer’s website, Fantastic Television. His latest post covers Charlie Jade, a nearly unheard of series well worth checking out. I’ll have more of my 2013 goals at the end of the year but for now, my DVR still needs some relief. In short, I can highly recommend the new CW show Arrow. It is far superior to Smallville and has a very Dark Knight feel to it. I’ve also enjoyed Deals From The Dark Side far more than I should. The Walking Dead has been awesome but I’m still a little gunshy on the second season of American Horror Story but it’s up to be watched in the next week. And my eyes are already on target for the upcoming Christmas special of Doctor Who. You can’t go wrong with killer snowmen.


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