Quick Hit-Red Dawn (2012)

From time to time, I’ll post some quick and random thoughts on a recent movie, TV show or book. First up, the 2012 remake of Red Dawn.

  • This was finished in 2010 but couldn’t be released until the MGM bankruptcy was resolved.
  • Chris Hemsworth (Thor) does a good job with the limited role as does Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games) but Josh Peck, not so much. The former star of TV’s Drake and Josh is not leading man material and was a big negative for this movie.
  • Originally, it was the Chinese who invaded the United States but when China threatened to not release the movie, everything was digitally altered to make it the North Koreans. That said, no way the North Koreans could pull it off, even with the Russians help.
  • I’m all for turning my brain off but they really messed up with the electronic pulse storyline. On one hand, it makes sense and is believable. However, it would also cause any car with a computer chip or cell phone to stop working. Plenty of new cars still driving around. And how their cell phones would still work with no power to charge them up is another big question.
  • Okay, the North Koreans can take over the country but they can’t stop a bunch of untrained kids? Besides, they could come and go into town with nobody seeing them? Sorry, can’t buy into that one either.
  • There are some good action scenes. However, the poor directing left some of them unwatchable due to shaky cameras and jarring (poor) editing.
  • Even if you could forgive all the rest, the ending is flat because we get the big speech from Josh Peck. Again, nowhere close to leading man material.

Final thoughts? A rental at best. Go watch the original instead. Even though it too pushes the boundaries of reality, at least you have a slightly more believable storyline, some better acting and way better direction.Red Dawn


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