Check out the Monster Kid Radio podcast!

Derek M. Koch is going back to his roots with his new podcast, Monster Kid Radio. Derek is best known for the years he dedicated to the Mail Order Zombie podcast. He also currently co-hosts 1951 Down Place with Scott and Casey, where they review a Hammer Film every month. Not to mention the numerous appearances he’s made on other shows, such as the B-Movie Cast and Dread Media. Now, he’s bringing us another great podcast to enjoy weekly. As the tagline says, Monster Kid Radio is “where Karloff is still king, Lugosi’s still alive and John Agar still rules”. That should explain it all! No, the show isn’t affiliated with this blog but consider us twin sons of different mothers. Yours truly is a guest on this week’s episode 7 and the upcoming episode 8 where Derek and I discuss the 1951 classic The Day The Earth Stood Still. I also covered that amazing flick on a previous post. So go check out Derek’s new show! I’m loving it and sure you will too!Day Earth Stood Still

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