State of the Blog and a New Direction Going Forward

Friends and followers of mine on Facebook may have read a recent post concerning a decision I’ve made about pulling away from the internet a little. I have found that it was consuming too much of my time. There are amazing things to be found on the world wide web. However, there are also countless items that will eat away your time, day in and day out. When I started this blog last October, the sole purpose was purely personal. I wanted to write more creatively. I write corporate communications for a living and desired to reignite those old creative passions. I’ve accomplished that but now, I’m at a point of reflection.

My goal with this site is to always be positive. If I really disliked a movie, I choose not to waste my time discussing it here. Other sites do that, sometimes to a fault. That is not what Monster Movie Kid is about. If a review is posted here, it will be because it was something I enjoyed and wanted to share with other people. Therefore, you will find that I will be posting reviews here with much less frequency. I will continue to review the Godzilla series, as that is a journey I have had a lot of fun with. However, there will be no schedule and no behind-the-scenes plan. A review will be posted only when the passion strikes; only when I have what I think are insightful and relative comments to make. Some weeks may only see one review while others may see two or three. There will also be weeks of inactivity but I will continue to post a new review link on Facebook to make it easier to know when something new is here to read. I hope those of you who have been reading these will continue to follow and comment. The site remains a public exercise but I do enjoy reading the responses. It just needs to be something I do for fun and not a chore that must be completed.

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, look for another Godzilla review coming soon. Up next will be a look at Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster. Then, it will be time to get back in sync with my current viewing as we enter the 1980s!


One thought on “State of the Blog and a New Direction Going Forward

  1. Rich, no matter how often you post a review, they will be worth waiting for!!! I applaud your decision to keep your focus on what’s important!

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