The Grave is Opening Once Again for 31 Days of Halloween!

It’s hard to believe but one year ago on Oct. 1, 2012, I launched Monster Movie Kid. It was really just a way for me to start writing again. During the day in “real life”, I am a communications project manager but I wanted to write about something else, just for fun. So I chose to target my love of movies. Now, a year later, this is my 161st post. I’ve rambled on about movies and, once or twice, ranted about the state of the world or waxed nostalgic for the past. I’ve received far more comments, both here and on Facebook, than I ever could have imagined. There are a million other sites out there that are more meaningful and get more daily hits, so the fact that what I write entertains even a small group of followers is a success in my book. So, thank you for the last year! Now, what’s next?Zombie

I started last year with a bold promise of reviewing one movie a day for 31 days. So, it only seems right to do again. Beginning tomorrow, it’s the 2nd annual 31 Days of Halloween! I’ll take a quick look at 31 different movies each day in the month of October. The reviews will be shorter than usual, due to the daily output, but that should make it a quick and fun read every day or easy to catch up on during the weekends. I’ve created what I think is a fun lineup of flicks, 19 of which are first time viewings for me. I’ll try to cover just about everything from Universal to Hammer, silent to modern, and even some Japanese and Mexican horror classics. We’ll have all the greats from Karloff and Lugosi to Cushing and Lee, Vincent Price and the Chaney family. There’ll be vampires and zombies and satanic worship. Before it’s all over, the chandelier will come crashing down to ring in Halloween night!

First up tomorrow, we’ll start it all off by going all the way back to 1914 for The Avenging Conscience. Until then, pleasant dreams!Phantom


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