31 Days of Halloween – Day 14: Night of the Creeps (1986)

Night of the Creeps 1986Yes, I admit it. There are some films from the 80s and 90s I still haven’t seen. And yes, there are even some Hammer movies I’ve yet to dive into. So, this month is where I’m knocking a few off the list and today is one more down. In 1986, writer and director Fred Dekker (The Monster Squad) decided to see what he could do in the B-movie genre. He picked the perfect subjects of zombies and alien invasions and the result was a cult classic. Your date for the day is here and it’s time for Night of the Creeps.

The year is 1959 and there is a mishap in space that results in an alien experiment being let loose upon Earth. A slug-like creature possesses the body of a college student. Flash forward to the late 80s where the now-frozen experiment has been accidentally thawed. The slug is let loose on the college town and, upon infecting the townsfolk, the result is zombies. So it’s up to a group of college students to save the town from an intergalactic zombie invasion.

The movie is full of homages to legends in the industry with characters named Romero, Carpenter and Hooper, to name but a few. The movie achieved cult status for long being unavailable. After a VHS and Laserdisc release in 1986, it took another 23 years for the DVD and Blu-ray to be released in 2009. For years, bootleg copies changed hands, with not one but two endings present depending where and when the recording was made. The original theatrical ending featured the slugs coming out of a dog mouth. However, an alternate ending that is sometimes shown on television featured the Tom Cameron character (Tom Atkins, Halloween III: Season of the Witch) having his head exploded with slugs escaping to a nearby cemetery, setting up a sequel that never happened.

Night of the Creeps just oozes 80s cheesy goodness and is definitely recommended. Not sure how or why it took me this long to finally sit down and watch it. Check out the trailer and start shopping for your copy today. Meanwhile, be sure to listen to episode 262 of the B-Movie Cast as Vince and the clubhouse gang have an in-depth conversation on this classic.


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