31 Days of Halloween – Day 24: The Witch’s Mirror (1962)

The Witchs Mirror 1962Director Chano Urueta is well-known amongst Mexican cinema aficionados due to his 117 directorial credits. Some fans will recognize his name from several of the Blue Demon movies he did in the 1960s. But his most famous work is easily El Baron del Terror (1962) aka Brainiac. However, as much love as that film receives, another project he worked on that same year is actually just as deserving of attention. The Witch’s Mirror deals with a vengeful witch, never a good combination.

Sara (Isabela Corona) is a witch who witnesses her godchild Elena’s murder in a mirror. She will be killed by her husband, a famous doctor and scientist named Eduardo (Armando Calvo). After the murder, Sara communicates with Elena (Dina de Marco) and brings her back through the mirror to seek revenge upon her husband. Unfortunately, taking the brunt of the revenge is Eduardo’s new wife Deborah (Rosita Arenas). Once Deborah is burned, Eduardo set about killing women to restore his new wife’s beauty. Needless to say, Elena is far from finished in her revenge on Eduardo and Elena becomes the tool for his undoing.

The sets are expansive and the story woven is chilling. Special effects are quite good with one exception. There are scenes of some disembodied hands that really don’t hold up well. However, considering how well everything else is done, that can be easily forgiven. This is another classic that is well worth chasing down. Casa Negra provides another fantastic print as well as the original Spanish language version with subtitles, which clearly enhances the experience. Check out the YouTube trailer and check out Amazon for a reasonably priced DVD. But be warned, it’s out of print and requires some patience in waiting for a good price.


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