DW 50: The Best and Worst of Times for Doctor Who

Three DoctorsAs the 50th anniversary excitement of Doctor Who begins to calm down, I figured one more post might be necessary. As I’ve been watching a week’s worth of specials on my DVR, I’ve been taken back to those early days of my being a Doctor Who fan. I was becoming familiar with the 4th and 5th Doctors but only had a glimpse of the greatness of the first 3 (well, really only Troughton and Pertwee). As the years would progress, I would discover more and more. And while I can’t say I’ve seen every episode (after all, some are still missing), I can say I’ve watched every episode that is known to still exist. With that, here are my favorite Doctors, in order, along with my favorite and least favorite episodes of each, just for fun:

  1. Jon Pertwee (he’s been my favorite since 1985 as I simply love what I think is a very Hammer Films-like Quatermass approach to the character, with a hint of James Bond)
    – Favorite: The Daemons
    – Least: Death to the Daleks
  2. David Tennant (almost have to give him a 1.5, he is just barely behind Pertwee)
    – Favorite: Blink (one of my all-time personal favorites)
    – Honorary Favorite: Time Crash (deserves a mention, big fan moment)
    – Least: Fear Her (my least favorite of the modern era)
  3. Peter Davison (this was my first Doctor, fond memories of discovering the show during his era)
    – Favorite: Earthshock (Cybermen and the death of Adric, ‘nuff said)
    – Least: Frontios (never seemed to engage me)
  4. Tom Baker
    – Favorite: Genesis of the Daleks
    – Least: Creature from the Pit (horrible production standards)
  5. Matt Smith
    – Favorite: The Lodger (a really fun episode)
    – Least: Victory of the Daleks (not horrible but it just seemed a little out there, even for Doctor Who)
  6. Patrick Troughton
    – Favorite: Tomb of the Cybermen
    – Least: The Space Pirates (okay, only 1 episode exists but even the audio portions are boring)
  7. William Hartnell
    – Favorite: The Daleks Invasion of Earth
    – Least: The Gunfighters (least convincing western…ever)
  8. Christoper Eccleston
    – Favorite: Dalek (one of my all-time favorites)
    – Least: Rose (still a good episode, just a little light on the Doctor)
  9. Colin Baker
    – Favorite: The Two Doctors (Troughton helped this one)
    – Least: The Twin Dilemma (worst first adventure for a Doctor…ever)
  10. Sylvester McCoy
    – Favorite: Battlefield (the return of the Brigadier!)
    – Least: Ghost Light (poorly written)
  11. Paul McGann (hard to rank him since he only had one movie but I loved his return in Night of the Doctor, so I think given more appearances he could easily rank much higher)

4th DoctorOkay, that’s it for the good Doctor. Before the end of the year, I’ll be wrapping things up for Christmas with my reviews of the last 6 Godzilla movies. And, you never know, I might sneak in a look at a Christmas movie or two just for fun. Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with this teaser…a big change is coming to the blog for 2014!Doctor Who 50th pic


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