Plan D 2nd Annual Horror Hall of Fame

Last year, I was inspired by the Horror Etc. podcast to come up with my own Horror Hall of Fame. Barry over at Monsterminions had done one and soon Derek M. Koch created his own. Well, now a little more than a year later, Derek has followed up with his second annual Horror Hall of Fame. Rather than seem repetitive, I’ve chosen to defer to the podcast master. Go to his blog, Plan D, and check it out.

Now, for the most part, I agree with what Derek has chosen so far. I would have to respectively disagree on two counts. In my opinion, Boris Karloff needs to be in before Lionel Atwill or Tom Atkins. I might also have chosen Friday the 13th over The Evil Dead, but again, it’s a personal preference. And where is The Exorcist? Of course, I say (or is it write) that with a smile on my face. Any list is subjective to the whims and passions of the writer, so I don’t think any list can truly be wrong. Derek has done an amazing job. Go read his post, start following his blog today and tell him Richard from Wichita sent you!Boris Karloff The Mummy


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