Nick Sauer and Fantastic Television Knows The Shadow

The Shadow Logo Alex RossAfter the thrilling 15-chapter adventure of The Shadow in 1940, there would be a lapse of six years before The Shadow returned to the big screen. Kane Richmond would assume the role of Lamont Cranston in series of three films, all released within the same year of 1946. Next week, I’ll be taking a look at all of them, especially the first of that trilogy called The Shadow Returns. However, we’re going to leap ahead to the 1950s first and take a look at two television pilots.

My good friend Nick Sauer runs a blog I’ve mentioned here before, Fantastic Television. As the tag line says, it is the random thoughts of a genre TV addict. He too loves all things related to The Shadow and eagerly offered to help when he heard I was dedicating April to the films of The Shadow. I responded in kind and eagerly accepted his help. He will be covering the two television pilots, starting off with the 1954 attempt starring Tom Helmore as Lamont and Paula Raymond as Margot. Check it out today and then catch the pilot on YouTube. Then, be sure to start following his blog because he will then tackle the next pilot, The Invisible Avenger (1958). Richard Derr plays Lamont Cranston in that adventure, also on YouTube.Invisible Avenger 1

Special thanks to Nick for covering those two “lost” television pilots of the 1950s. Go to his blog today and then come back here next week as we’ll travel back to 1946 and see what Kane Richmond brings to the role. Plus, on the horizon we have Alec Baldwin turning in his 1994 performance and a little known documentary from 2011.

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