Monster Movie Kid Lives Again!

More than two months ago, I posted a rather ominous entry. The future of this Monster Movie Kid blog was unclear. However, Desmond over at the Dread Media podcast was indeed correct. He said that I would miss it and that I would be back. Well, Desmond, you were quite right. So…Monster Movie Kid lives again!!Its Alive 1

Real life has indeed been crazy in the last two months. My wife and I have relocated and now reside in the Kansas City metro area. Our old house closes next week and we’re two weeks away from moving our son to K-State University for his junior year. Not to mention our daughter is applying for jobs in numerous cities as she is set to graduate this fall. It appears that the Chamberlain family may all soon be gone from Wichita and embarking on new adventures.

Just today, I discovered that there are 80 movie screens in the suburbs of Olathe and Overland Park alone. There are over 250 screens in the entire metro area with independent films and special engagements at every turn. A paradise for a movie lover such as myself. So, I have set a personal goal of seeing at least one movie at each of the movie theaters. It may take me a while but I’m going to have fun with this challenge. Not to mention great comic book shops such as Elite Comics and three Half-Price Books location within 30 minute. Plus, I am now minutes away from exciting conventions rather than hours. Yes, I am loving it!

I quickly realized that I missed sharing my thoughts about some of the films I have seen in the last 2 ½ months. Admittedly, moving and real life has greatly reduced my movie time for now but, as the dust begins to settle, I discovered I really want to dive back into the deep end of the blogiverse.  After all, I’ve reviewed every Godzilla movie here, so I surely can’t let the new 2014 movie come and go without sharing my thoughts. I have Jodorowsky’s Dune waiting to be watched. Not to mention a strong desire to begin revisiting some classic black and white horror flicks. And with fall mere months away, I am glad to announce there will indeed be a 3rd Annual 31 Days of Halloween!

DuneGetting back into the groove may take a little while. There won’t be a schedule and I can’t honestly say when the first review will be posted. But just writing for this site is therapy for me. With my wife experiencing some unexpected health issues after our move, I plan to be by her side as we make the journey together. That makes writing even more important for me and played a big part in my decision to get back to it. Plus, there are some exciting things on the horizon regarding some of my earliest articles that I will want to share with everyone when the time is right.

Thank you for hanging in there as I dealt with a crazy schedule. Now, let’s return to the business at hand, break out the popcorn and get back to watching some wonderful (and some not-so-wonderful) movies!

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