Let The Madness Begin…Enter Mr. Boris Karloff!

KarloffTwo years ago, on October 1, 2012, a mad scientist in a rural suburb of Wichita gave life to his creation…Monster Movie Kid. Or perhaps, I finally got around to writing creatively again and put forth my ramblings for the people to read upon their leisure. In any case, this blog was born and we’re coming upon on our anniversary month. That means it is time for the 3rd Annual 31 Days of Halloween. That annual event where this writer goes insane by attempting 31 consecutive days of movie reviews.

Now, taking into consideration how busy my life has been lately, it does indeed sound like madness that I would attempt this again. However, it’s October and I’m going to be watching horror movies anyway, so why not share this experience once more with all of you. However, I’ve decided to stir some things up and, rather than do random selections, I’m going with a theme. This year, it’s the films of Boris Karloff. In fact, 36 films in 31 days!

Some of his work has already been reviewed here (Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein and The Black Room, to name a few), so those will not be done again. I’ll also be skipping over a few well-known Universal flicks (Son of Frankenstein and House of Frankenstein) to make way for other entries from his long career. Some omissions may upset a few of you (Targets is not one of the 36 films) while others left off the list should make everyone happy (The Ape is not a favorite of mine). And, before anyone asks, yes, I am going to review those final horrible films Boris made down in Mexico.The Old Dark House poster

As usual with this annual project, the reviews will be shorter but I hope to add some facts and maybe some Karloff quotes along the way. Since I acquired most of these films about 14 years ago, I am quite anxious to revisit some old friends. The films will be reviewed in chronological order and our journey begins this Wednesday. To get yourself prepared, check out the great documentary Boris Karloff: The Gentle Monster. Then, be here as I take my first step towards madness with The Old Dark House (1932).


6 thoughts on “Let The Madness Begin…Enter Mr. Boris Karloff!

  1. Looking forward to these, whether they’re old friends to me, or some (hoped-for) new finds. Just the other night I saw that Boris was in Scarface — and I had no idea. And the recently watched Crimson Altar, one of his last films, proved surprisingly good.

    Good luck! This is nearly as crazy as when I write Tournament of Death novels during the Olympics (one more time, I think). 🙂

  2. how about, The Curse of the Crimson Cult,1968,with the wonderful ,Barbara Steel,as Levinia ,the witch: Die Monster Die,1965–”You should have seen it streaking across the sky.. I thought it was a gift from God”:and Roger Corman’s,The Raven,1963–this has to be a very very pre-Harry Potter,as it has much in common/J K Rowling,had to have seen this film,and was very influenced/ thankyou

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