A New Blog Worth Checking Out and More from the Basement


Just a quick update from Monster Movie Kid Central as things have been a little busy on this end. Some new Karloff reviews are coming up before the end of January as well as the start of a month-long tribute to Tod Slaughter. Meanwhile, allow me the opportunity to offer up two recommendations.

CaligariFirst, a friend of mine has jointly launched a new blog called Booze, News and Reviews. Phillip Gehring, Mitch Hoover and Alexandrea Feldkamp all love to drink their beverage of choice and write about their passions. Films and books top the list but don’t be surprised if some current events or science find their way online as well. They are starting off strong with a fresh look at the 1920 classic The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Check it out and tell them Monster Movie Kid sent you.

Boris LurkingMeanwhile, our good friend Gunther Dedmund continues to unearth classic episodes over at The Basement Sublet of Horror. For example, this week’s flick is Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter (1966). These early episodes are a blast as they offer up a different look at our beloved flicks.

Let them keep you busy during the early year chaos. But fear not, Boris is lurking around the corner waiting for the right moment to scare you.

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