Randy Bowser Brings KARLOFF to Life on Stage

The Films of Boris Karloff 2“It’s absolutely remarkable…I was overwhelmed.”
– Sara Karloff, daughter of Boris Karloff

When you get the ringing endorsement of the daughter of Karloff, it doesn’t get much better than that. And that is exactly what playwright Randy Bowser has accomplished in his one man stage presentation, KARLOFF. Using the definitive biography, “Boris Karloff: More Than a Monster” written by Stephen Jacobs, as his source of inspiration, the stage was set for sharing the life and legend of Boris Karloff to a new generation of fans and to an older generation that are still monster kids at heart.

The play had its initial run in November 2014 at Level B Theater Pub in Salem, Oregon. Sara Karloff was in attendance and has had nothing but praise of the production. On the November 18 episode of the Monster Kid Radio podcast, host Derek M. Koch interviewed Sara Karloff and then reviewed KARLOFF himself after being one of the lucky monster kids to have seen the play. The podcast legend loved the play and, when talking about the use of props, he stated, “I could’ve sat cross-legged in front of Randy Bowser’s KARLOFF and just listened and watched him perform. And that’s a testament to what Randy has done here…It’s just great!”Karloff The Play

So what is the next step? It’s time for all of us monster kids to unite and help support this production so it can hit the road for all of us to enjoy. Go the Facebook page and click “Like”. Then, sign up for the newsletter. Visit their website and discover the world of KARLOFF that is waiting for everyone to enjoy.

I started my revisit down all things Karloff last October during the 3rd Annual 31 Days of Halloween and have decided to continue the journey throughout 2015 as I get reacquainted with old films I haven’t seem for years. I’m listening to old radio shows and have the Thriller series ready to be viewed. I’m dusting off old books to find tidbits of information I’ve long since forgotten. However, I want to add something more to the experience. I want to see KARLOFF on stage and I know all of you fellow monster kids do too. So let’s unite, spread the word and support Randy Bowser’s KARLOFF.


One thought on “Randy Bowser Brings KARLOFF to Life on Stage

  1. Really nice to see this blog post – Thank you so much, Rich Chamberlain!– And I want to thank Stephen Jacobs, who found and posted it first on his Facebook page for his ultimate Karloff biography, “Boris Karloff: More Than a Monster.” Much appreciated!

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