Special Episode of Nightmare with Tom Leahy is Now Available

If you’re reading this blog, it’s safe to say that you’ve watched a monster movie host at one time or another. Svengoolie continues to host the Universal Horror classics every Saturday night on MeTV. When I was younger, I watched Crematia Mortem on the Creature Feature from Kansas City Channel 41. However, one of the originals was none other than Tom Leahy.Nightmare modern logo

In the 1950s, he created the character of The Host and, with his sidekick Rodney, they terrorized children every week on Nightmare. I didn’t discover The Host until Nightmare had been resurrected in the late 80s on channel 24 KSAS, Wichita’s first independent television station (eventually becoming affiliated with the Fox Network). Several of the original 1950s TV shows have been posted online in recent years. However, there has never been a complete episode of Nightmare including a movie. Well, that has just changed…sort of.

A 1970s demo tape of Tom Leahy selling Nightmare to television stations in hopes of national syndication was recently discovered at the Kansas Historical Society. Essentially, it is a complete show with only the movie missing. So, I had a crazy idea of taking the hosting segments and merging them with Tom Leahy’s 1965 “classic” The Beast from the Beginning of Time. Enter Joel Sanderson aka Gunther Dedmund and, through his expertise, a “long-lost” episode of Nightmare has been created.

The HostThis special episode of Nightmare is now available on the Archive.org website for viewing or download. So, grab some popcorn, a beverage of your choice and get ready to enjoy a good old fashioned blast from the past.

Special thanks to Joel Sanderson for his ongoing dedication to the legacy of Tom Leahy and for making these great videos available for all of us to enjoy!


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