New Artist Hits Close to Home for Monster Movie Kid

Ever since I launched Monster Movie Kid back in October 2012, I’ve always made sure I gave plugs whenever possible for my friends in the podcast community and beyond. Now, I get a chance to do it again but this time, I get to introduce someone a little closer to home. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce my daughter and budding artist, Kayla Chamberlain. And I think some of her work will interest many of you.Kayla Meets Living Dead

Several years ago, Kayla gave me a fantastic Father’s Day gift. She painted Superman’s “S” with the word “Dad” underneath. Flash forward to 2015 and now, I have two more of her pieces in my office/library with a third waiting for a spot in our new home. Kayla recently had her first arts and craft show appearance (she does a lot of amazing non-superhero pieces) in Lawrence, KS with plans for future shows. For now, she’s selling almost exclusively online but I think it’s time for her superhero and sci-fi work to get unveiled to a larger audience.

Kayla creates all of these paintings by hand per special order, so all of them are originals. There are no prints and every piece is unique. They come on canvas and are ready to hang or frame. She can take credit or debit cards and will work with you on shipping.Bat Snoopy

I’ve posted several examples of her work currently for sale. The Avengers piece comes 12 x 24 for $35, DC and Marvel is 16 x 20 for $35, Classic Doctor Who is 12 x 12 for $25, A Superhero Sleeps Here (perfect for hanging above a young superhero or superheroines bed) is 12 x 36 for $50, and Bat Snoopy is 12 x 12 for $25.Avengers

DC and MarvelGot an idea for something else? Let her know as she’s always open to new ideas. And yes, I’m going to get her started down the classic monster path very soon!

Kayla currently gets her ideas off of the internet but there’s no denying she’s incredibly talented and I think she’s just getting started. She does not get her art genes from me but we have several artists in our family on both sides. She loves to be creative and 100% of her proceeds right now are going to her upcoming wedding in November (although how Monster Movie Kid has a daughter old enough to get married remains a mystery).Doctor Who

Please take a moment to visit her Facebook page or reach out via email at and let her know that Monster Movie Kid sent you.  Be sure to share it with your spouse, significant other or family members too because she has something for everyone! And, while you’re at it, be sure to wish her a happy birthday as the daughter of Monster Movie Kid turns 23 very soon!Superhero Sleeps


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