Tales of Dracula (2015) is a Labor of Love for Monster Kids

Tales of DraculaBack in June, I finally had a chance to sit down and watch Tales of Dracula (2015). This independent production from the mind of Joe DeMuro is truly a labor of love. I was going to review it here but after the death of Sir Christopher Lee, I didn’t want to wait until August. So, I reviewed it in episode 410 of the Dread Media podcast, which was the start of my current weekly participation on that show. However, I think it deserves a few more words here at Monster Movie Kid.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Joe this past Thursday as a thunderstorm raged outside my western Kansas City home. During this conversation, I began to get a better picture of not only the hard work that Joe and the rest of the crew put into Tales of Dracula but the countless obstacles they endured to see it finished. From the complications of location shooting to the unavailability of cast members to budgetary limitations, this was truly a labor to finish. At any point, Joe could have thrown in the towel but he never did. He is truly a monster kid with a passion for seeing his story be released for kids of all ages to enjoy.

The flaws I pointed out in my review came as no surprise to Joe. He was well aware of them and more that I honestly didn’t even pick up on. All the more important to respect Joe and his crew for moving forward to a point where they simply had to unleash the beast and see what would happen. Reviews have been generally very good with a few pointing out the same issues I did. Yet, at the core, I believe we all see it for what it truly is…a dream come true for Joe. He created a film that will be around for decades and future generations to experience and enjoy. But, is this the end of the story?Tales of Dracula 2

One of the major issues I had with Tales of Dracula was its cliffhanger ending. That will hopefully be rectified as Joe envisioned this as the start of a trilogy. There is more to the story of Count Dracula and his battle with Von Helsing. The Frankenstein Monster is still lurking and the Wolf-Man is ready for another full moon. But in order for this to happen, Joe will need our help.

Tales of Dracula 3Joe invested not only his time, blood, sweat and tears into Tales of Dracula but his bank account as well. For the second film, he has higher hopes. Better effects, studio locations and perhaps a surprise or two with the cast. In order to make this happen the right way, Joe will be launching a funding campaign soon on Facebook. Go to Wolfbain Productions and like their page so you can get updates on when and how this will be happening. You have an opportunity to make this movie not only a reality but a chance to make it bigger and better than the first film.

But, before you do all of that, you need to see Tales of Dracula. If you’ve already seen it, watch it again. This film needs your support and, trust me, you won’t regret it. Leave that critical eye on the shelf and see it with the eyes of the inner monster kid in all of us. The make-up work from artist Ron Chamberlain is worth it alone. It’s currently available through Alpha Video at oldies.com for less than the cost of an unsatisfying value meal. Monster Movie Kid fully endorses it and the future sequels.

One thought on “Tales of Dracula (2015) is a Labor of Love for Monster Kids

  1. I appreciated what they were trying to do, even if the final result came up short. Your review hit many of the issues, including “just ends suddenly” problem. The real issue is that the film is really a series of incidents (and characters), and not actually a story. It needs a through-line and a set-up, a middle, and an end — and it doesn’t really have any of those.

    Next time, they should start with a complete story, because writing time is cheap, especially compared to the other parts of film production. (And a look at Robert Rodriguez’s 10-minute film school series might help them overcome some of their budget limitations; RR knows how to make great-looking films on the cheap.)

    And I hope they get to continue, because, as you say, the lead actors and monsters are all quite good. And the concepts are generally worthy, and I’d really like to see a new “classic monster” series. Heck, I’d even be willing to help out with the writing. (I have an innate desire to Script Doctor things; and I can be hired cheaply for worthy causes. 😉 )

    In any case, I wish them the best of luck.

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