Monster Movie Kid Returning to Free State Comicon

Free State Comicon PosterOn Saturday, October 3, I will be returning to the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Lawrence, KS for the 10th Annual Free State Comicon. Once again, I will be supporting Joel Sanderson and The Basement Sublet of Horror magazine as the third and fourth issues will be making their grand debut.

Issue #3 is a tribute to Tom Leahy, the local legend from Wichita who was The Host from Nightmare, one of the original TV horror hosts from the 1950s. Tom also gave us The Beast from the Beginning of Time (1965), Green Hell from the Void and Major Astro. You’ll find some great articles from Roger Hill, Scott Phillips and yours truly, the Monster Movie Kid. You can read both of Tom Leahy’s published science-fiction stories from the 50s (worth the purchase alone) and get an amazing cover from artist Dan Rempel.BSOH 3

In issue #4, there is an interview with artist Bradley Beard, who has also provided the fantastic cover artwork. You can read about Dave Toplikar’s new book on UFOs in Kansas along with the start of a series on Boris Karloff from the Monster Movie Kid again.

BSOH 4Last year, I was honored to be invited to this fantastic old school event organized by Craig Klotz. You will find creators and their wonderful independent comics and artwork plus lots and lots of comics and very cool things to add to your collections. This year, the impressive lineup includes writer C.W. Cooke, the man behind the incredible Solitary series, Kyle Strahm (Spread), Matt Fox (Ufology), Greg Smallwood (Moon Knight), Scott Drummond (Nightsmoke) and artist Ed Bickford (Robot Pulp), amongst many others.

If you find yourself in the Lawrence area on Saturday, come on down to the Douglas County Fairgrounds Building 21 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For the ridiculously low price of $5, you can celebrate comics and be among friends. Check out this cool promo to find out what’s happening. Then, as you’re resting up after the show, read the latest issues of a very cool monster mag and check out what flick Gunther Dedmund has butchered this week over at The Basement Sublet of Horror.


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