Tribute to Bela Lugosi Begins October 1

It’s hard to believe that Monster Movie Kid is now three years old. Back in 2012, after two successful articles on the B Movie Man website (thank you Nic Brown), I decided to launch this blog to share my random thoughts on the movies we all love. That first October, I spent my 31 Days of Halloween reviewing random horror films. After doing the same in 2013, last year I decided to spend the entire month doing a tribute to the legendary Boris Karloff.Bela Lugosi Collage

Since I had so much fun revisiting the Karloff films last year, I am sharing the love this year with a month-long tribute to Bela Lugosi. As the 4th Annual 31 Days of Halloween begins tomorrow, I’ll dive head first into the classic Murders in the Rue Morgue (1932) and begin my cinematic journey. By the time the jack-o-lanterns are burned out, we’ll end up with his last two films, The Black Sleep (1956) and Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959).

I’ll be incorporating a new format to the daily reviews that I think will make them quicker and easier to read. Please share your thoughts as I may continue this going forward for some of my reviews. And this year, there will be the added fun of sharing my thoughts on Lugosi on the Dread Media podcast (thank you Desmond Reddick).

So let the magic of Halloween month begin. Dust off those Lugosi VHS, DVD and Blu-ray flicks and remember what Lugosi once said, “I have never met a vampire, but I don’t know what might happen tomorrow.”

Right: Bela Lugosi comes to life in this beautiful painting from artist Don Marquez.


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