Day 16 – Invisible Ghost (1941)

Invisible Ghost posterDay 16: Invisible Ghost (1941)
Cast:      Bela Lugosi as Dr. Charles Kessler
Polly Ann Young as Virginia Kessler
John McGuire as Ralph and Paul Dickson

Written by Helen & Al Martin
Directed by Joseph H. Lewis (The Mad Doctor of Market Street)

Plot: When his wife leaves him for another man, Dr. Charles Kessler becomes unhinged. But his wife is very close, being kept by the gardener in seclusion. Her memory is gone and the gardener’s actions seem genuine. A trail of murder soon develops with false leads and meandering plot points.

Personal Thoughts: While working for Monogram gave Bela Lugosi the opportunity to once again be a lead actor, it also meant he had to deal with substandard scripts. This flick has a script just full of nonsense that never get explained, such as the power Mrs. Kessler holds over her husband…or does she? What saves this movie is the superior direction (for a poverty row production) and the presence of Lugosi, who makes almost any movie better. Not his best but not necessarily his worst.Invisible Ghost 1


  • First of nine poverty row flicks Lugosi made for Monogram Pictures.
  • The film had numerous working titles, including Murder by the Stars and The Phantom Killer.
  • Considered by many to be one of Lugosi’s best efforts for Monogram, mostly due to a superior script and supporting cast.
  • The film is in the Public Domain.

Invisible Ghost 2Availability:


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