Day 19 – The Devil Bat (1940)

Devil Bat posterDay 19: The Devil Bat (1940)
Cast:      Bela Lugosi as Dr. Paul Carruthers
Suzanne Kaaren as Mary Heath
Dave O’Brien as Johnny Layden

Story by George Bricker
Screenplay by John T. Neville
Directed by Jean Yarbrough (King of the Zombies, House of Horrors)

Plot: When Dr. Carruthers is cheated out of a fortune by his employers, he vows revenge. He creates giant bats and helps them develop a hatred for a particular type of shaving lotion that he invented. A trail of murders brings an investigative reporter onto the scene and all trails lead to Dr. Carruthers.

Personal Thoughts: Tune into episode 425 of this week’s Dread Media podcast to hear my thoughts and random trivia on this fun flick.Devil Bat 1



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