Basement Sublet of Horror Magazine Issues 3 and 4 Are Now Available at Indy Planet

BSOH 3The moment is now upon us! The latest issues of The Basement Sublet of Horror Magazine are now available for everyone to enjoy on your reading list and add to your personal monster mag collection. Issues 3 and 4 are available from Indy Planet for either $1.49 in digital format or $5.00 for a print-on-demand copy.

Issue 3 is an amazing piece of work that offers up a tribute to Tom Leahy. You’ll find out more about the man behind The Host, one of the original television horror hosts of the 1950s, and Major Astro, a space-age kiddie show host, in articles by Roger Hill and yours truly. You can read about his previously lost late 1960s abandoned television pilot, Green Hell from the Void, along with reading two great short stories written by Tom himself. And the cover artwork by Dan Rempel is worth it alone!

Issue 4 has an interview with artist Bradley Beard, who also has his great rendition of Mr. Barlow from Salem’s Lot gracing the cover. Dave Toplikar has written a great piece on true Kansas UFO stories and Boris Karloff fans will enjoy the first part of my guide to his best films.BSOH 4

Joel Sanderson aka Gunther Dedmund  has really outdone himself with these two issues and I cannot highly recommend them enough. Joel and I met many great fans at the recent 10th Annual Freestate Comicon and hope to meet more in the future. Joel is already working on issue 5 and the artwork for issue 6 from a local Kansas City artist is really going to be impressive.

For now, go to Indy Planet to check out issue 3 and issue 4. Then, be sure to check out the latest from the Basement Sublet of Horror archives at the Basement’s main website and over at You can also like the Facebook page to get all of the latest updates.The Host

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