Upcoming Movies in 2016

Batman v SupermanAs 2016 begins, I have started to look at what theatrical releases are lurking ahead in the next twelve months. Here’s a quick glance at the movies I am most anticipating (and a few that have me curious).

January 8: The Revenant (I am not a Leonardo DiCaprio fan but everything I’ve seen so far has me interested)
January 22: The Boy (Maybe it’s the presence of Lauren Cohen but this one has me curious, it’s probably going to be bad)
February 12: Deadpool (A Marvel character I know very little about but it’s Marvel, so I’m ready)
February 26: The Witch (A very bleak looking and potentially frightening film…I hope)
March 4: Zootopia (The sloth trailer still has me laughing)
March 25: Batman v Superman – Dawn of Justice (I really hope this one is good…but what is the deal with the Lex Luthor casting?)
May 6: Captain America: Civil War (Looks awesome, ‘nuff said)
May 27: X-Men-Apocalypse (Has potential but can it be as good as the last one?)
June 10: The Conjuring 2 – The Endfield Poltergeist (I loved the first one, why do I think this one is going to be horrible?)
June 24: Independence Day – Resurgence (I’m okay without Will Smith but is this one really necessary?)
July 1: The Legend of Tarzan (As a longtime Tarzan fan, I so want this be the rebirth of a legend)
July 8: The Secret Life of Pets (Another trailer that still has me laughing)Civil War
July 22: Star Trek – Beyond (The trailer was not my Trek but I’m hopeful the other 118 minutes has something better, Simon Pegg seems to think so)
July 29: The Bourne Identity 5 (Anxious to see it but I wonder if it won’t get pushed out)
August 5: Suicide Squad (Thinking this may be the Fantastic Four of 2016)
October 7: Gambit (I’m almost positive this will get pushed out)
October 14: Inferno (I’m ready for more Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon)
October 14: Underworld – Next Generation (I should probably give up on this series but…)
October 21: Jack Reacher – Never Go Back (Sorry but I’m still a sucker for a good Tom Cruise action flick)
November 4: Doctor Strange (I feel this will be in my top five of the year)
November 18: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (A return to Harry Potter land? Why not!)
December 16: Rogue One – A Star Wars Story (Hoping this one has an original script)Doctor Strange


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