Special Thanks to the Horror Etc. Podcast (2007-2016)

Sometime in 2006, my wife gave me my first iPod. She thought it would be something cool for all of my music. Little did either of us know how vital it would become to my daily life. Once I discovered a little thing called a podcast, my entire world suddenly became global. I could virtually connect with likeminded fans of horror and sci-fi. And one of the first podcasts I listened to was Horror Etc.

Horror EtcOver the years, the number of podcasts I listened to has fluctuated. Some shows only lasted a few weeks on my rotation while others set me on course for the duration. Horror Etc. was just such a show. I enjoyed how Tony, Ted and sometimes Doug discussed films I loved and some I hated. Best of all, they introduced me to countless flicks I never would have known about or given a chance.

Their styles were often in dark contrast to each other. Ted was the cynical guy in the bunch, sometimes hard to please but fair with his personal judgment. Well, perhaps not when it came to Doctor Who but I’ll let that slide. Tony would become better known to us all as Anthony D.P. Mann, gradually moving away from the podcast mic and behind the camera as his film career continued to grow. With each film, he continued to follow his dreams.

After 376 episodes and several specials, the news many of us feared was coming has been made official as Anthony announced that the podcast is indeed done. I’m sure many would agree with me as I hoped there would be a farewell episode. That said, I wholeheartedly understand that nasty thing called “real life” has a way of popping up. And I certainly don’t think we are owed anything. Rather, we owe them for the hours of entertainment over the last eight years.

Anthony MannLet me express my special thanks to the Horror Etc. podcast gang for all of the wonderful and amazing episodes you’ve left us. It is because of shows like yours that I was inspired to launch this fun little blog back in 2012 and why I now have a weekly feature on the Dread Media podcast. So, simply but honestly put, thank you very much. As Anthony is sure to know, we’ll all continue to follow his career as it continues. And wherever Kingstown Ted and sometimes Doug may be, I hope they both know how much we appreciate everything they both did as well.

Long live the Horror Etc. podcast!


2 thoughts on “Special Thanks to the Horror Etc. Podcast (2007-2016)

  1. It was one of my earliest podcasts as well. Probably into it’s second year when I found it. I discovered Triangle, Adam Green (through Frozen), the Blind Dead, and Val Lewton. It already is missed.

  2. I discovered Horror Etc. soon after it began and listened all the way to the end. Like you, it was one of the gateway shows that opened up an entire world of podcasts for me. This is a great tribute to three guys I’ve long admired.

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