Scary Monsters Celebrates 25 Years and 100 Issues

Scary Monsters 100I was late coming to the party but once I arrived, it felt like home and I’ve never left. It was full of old haunts, like Dr. Frankenstein and the Creature from the Black Lagoon, amongst countless others. I knew I was amongst friends. No, this isn’t a real place. It resides around the corner near the theatre of the mind. I’m talking about Scary Monsters magazine.

For many years now, I’ve been making the trek to find the latest issue of Scary Monsters. Whether it was at Borders, Barnes and Noble or my local comic book shop, I never missed an issue (well, I am still looking for that Scary Summer Giant Special). To open the pages and feel that newspaper print and to smell the ink, it’s a joy that simply can’t be described. Oh sure, I love the wealth of information available on the internet for us monster kids but for me, you simply can’t beat going old school. I enjoyed each issue I purchased from cover to cover. I have stacks of this great magazine to peruse anytime I want. You just can’t beat a great monster magazine.

In the most recent 100th issue, publisher and editor-in-chief Dennis J. Druktenis has announced that’s he stepping down and turning over the magazine to the next generation. Some have said that he owed it to us to continue and, quite frankly, that upset me. And after I recently read his last letter to us, I really felt inspired to share my thoughts.

Monster MemoriesFirst and foremost, Dennis owes us nothing. In fact, we owe him. Because of substantial distribution woes beyond his control, Dennis had to sacrifice part of his monster collection to ensure Scary Monsters didn’t die. He could have walked away, financially more secure, but he didn’t. That’s not even taking into account the long hours he dedicated for 25 years in making sure the next issue went out on time, the best it could be. He has more than earned the rest he has waiting for him. He worked diligently to complete issue 100 and plans a farewell convention tour through this summer. Beyond that, the future of Scary Monsters is now in the hands of a new team.

Thank you Dennis for the years of enjoyment I’ve received reading Scary Monsters. The entertainment you’ve given the monster community will never truly be measured accurately. Suffice to say, you’ve more than earned your spot amongst the literary horror legends.

Go out and buy a copy of Scary Monsters #100 today! And continue to support Dennis with all of the wonderful items available in the back pages and on the website. Then, wait patiently with Dennis and the rest of us monster kids to see what the future holds. Until then, I think we all have plenty to read and read again.


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