Gunther Dedmund and The Basement Sublet of Horror Offer Old School Monster Goodness

One of the best feelings in the world is having a new book or magazine to read. Just knowing that you have in your hands stories and information just waiting to be discovered can be fantastic. There are a lot of choices out there, so allow me to make a suggestion and introduce you to my friend, Gunther Dedmund.BSOH 4

For nearly a decade now, Gunther has been living in a sublet basement level apartment, broadcasting to the world his own unique smorgasbord of cinematic goodness. Whether it’s his own edit of a classic like The Killer Shrews or unearthing a gem like Planet of Storms, he’s entertained countless monster kids with The Basement Sublet of Horror.

In the last several years, he’s decided to offer up some reading material for us to enjoy in addition to the chills we’ve been given through his movie choices. There are tales to be told of the men and women behind the camera and the adventures they’ve taken to get those classics we love made. Now is the time for us to discover The Basement Sublet of Horror magazine.

Gunther 1While you won’t find these on the bookstore shelves just yet, they are yours to enjoy either digitally or in your rotting hands. Gunther has unearthed four issues so far with the help of his friends, including yours truly, the Monster Movie Kid. You’ll discover exciting information about Kansas legend Tom Leahy, one of the original horror hosts from the 50s. You’ll learn about UFOs, read about artist Bradley Beard and Kansas host Jim Erickson, as well as get great movie reviews on not-so-classic flicks like King Kung Fu and The Beast from the Beginning of Time. There is so much more just waiting to follow you home.

You can add the first four issues of The Basement Sublet of Horror to your personal collection by going to Indy Planet today! There, you can order either a digital ($1.49) or a print-on-demand copy ($5.00). And if you order five or more, you get 25% off! Don’t forget to check out Gunther’s great comic books when you’re there as well.

Gunther is hard at work on the upcoming issues. There is a fantastic interview with author and founder of the KU Center for Science Fiction and the Science Fiction Hall of Fame, James Gunn. You can also look forward to an interview with Lance Hayes, the director of King Kung Fu. And, of course, more from the Monster Movie Kid!

Meanwhile, be sure to check out the many great movies Gunther has for you on his website as well as searching for “basement sublet of horror” on Gunther’s even on Roku! And remember, sharing all of this with your friends is a great way to ensure Gunther stays hidden away in his basement. Otherwise, Gunther may just come knocking at your door looking for food or, worse yet, a new place to stay!Gunther 2


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