Celebrating a Decade of Christopher R. Mihm

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the release of The Phantom of Monster Lake (2006). This would be the first film from the mind and creative genius of Christopher R. Mihm. The story behind its development is one that it hits very close to home as it’s a tale of a father, a son and monster movies.

Monster of Phantom LakeOn the bio from his website, www.sainteuphoria.com, Christopher talks about how his father loved to watch the great (and not-so-great) sci-fi and horror flicks of the 50s. His father would revisit the movies with Christopher, introducing him to a world that his son didn’t quite understand at first. Were they supposed to be scary? But upon losing his father to cancer in 2000, Christopher decided to revisit many of those old “classics”. However, this time around, he fell in love with them. Perhaps it was nostalgia for his childhood or maybe it was because of the memories of his dad. Whatever the reason, it sparked an interest in him to become a filmmaker.

With the help of family and friends, The Phantom of Monster Lake became a reality. It is a true homage to those wonderful films we all love, dealing with a mutated beast, a scientist and his groups of students. It has questionable acting, cheesy script and limited special effects. In other words, everything we look for in those films from the past. In the years that followed, it would be screened at film festivals around the world. Its success ensured a sequel, the award-winning It Came from Another World (2007). Thus, it was the start of the Mihmiverse.

The Giant SpiderThe Mihmiverse is the affectionate name given to all of Christopher’s films. They are all designed to be loosely connected, existing in the same reality. In the years that followed, he has created a total of 10 films with an 11th currently in production. He serves as writer, editor, producer and director, while occasionally even acting in the films as well. Several of the films have been recognized with various awards. Perhaps the most famous of his films is his homage to the giant bug flicks of the 50s, The Giant Spider (2013).

Christopher has apparently decided not to sleep because he is also the driving force behind the monthly podcast, The Mihmiverse Monthly Audiocast, which currently features the Canoe Cops vs. The Mummy chapter serial written by our friend, Stephen D. Sullivan. Add to that a monthly newsletter and a new podcast called The Phantom Lake Almanac, Christopher is one very busy monster kid.

The Late Night Double FeatureMost of the movies run approximately 75 minutes long, just like the films of the past. Don’t go into these movies expecting some big budget masterpiece cranked out by a major studio. Embrace them for the labor of love they are, coming from a fellow monster kid, just like the rest of us. All of the movies are available on DVD while the last four are also on Blu-ray. The website is also full of goodies ranging from lobby cards to t-shirts to puppets. To say the least, Christopher R. Mihm is a marketing genius.

Christopher releases one movie a year and 2016 will be no different. For 2016, Christopher is currently working on his next film, Weresquito: Nazi Hunter. It has a WWII setting, Nazi experiments and a blood-sucking killer insect. Do we really need to know anything more?

WeresquitoFor now, let’s all help Christopher R. Mihm celebrate by checking out all of the trailers on his website and, if you haven’t already, add some of these fun flicks to your collection. He’s a filmmaker well worth supporting. While you’re at it, head on over to the Rondo Awards and vote for his latest, Danny Johnson Saves the World (2015), for Best Independent Film of 2015.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Mihm and here’s to another decade of monster goodness!


2 thoughts on “Celebrating a Decade of Christopher R. Mihm

  1. These are all fun films, and have gotten ever stronger as the series has continued — though THE GIANT SPIDER remains my fave, and certainly compares well with the films of Bert I. Gordon and others in the genre.

    All of them are worth checking out, though, and the most recent films have been nearly as strong and enjoyable as …Spider. Highly recommended for fans of classic, low-budget horror and SciFi.

    And, of course, I _must_ be a fan, or I wouldn’t be serializing Canoe Cops vs. the Mummy on my site and Patreon. 🙂

    Check all of it out, folks!

  2. I was a fan of his films before we became friends, and I’m still tickled to get to play in his Mihmiverse with the Canoe Cops 🙂 (Glad you’re digging the Mihmiverse, too!)

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