Tribute to Podcast Pioneer and Legend Vince Rotolo

Vince 1In 2006, my wife gave me this new device called an iPod. She thought I would enjoy it because it would store music. She never imagined the world it would open up for me. When I discovered this new thing called a podcast, my world suddenly expanded. I was able to connect with likeminded individuals from around the world. I was able to “meet” other fans and lovers of the cinema. And I was introduced to Vince Rotolo.

Vince had just launched a new show called the B Movie Cast. It was relatively short and this man behind the microphone seemed a little uncomfortable. Yet, it all seemed so natural. Vince was simply one of us, a man with a microphone who wanted to talk about movies, music and all of the other cool stuff we enjoyed. He wanted to hear from us and I would call in with voicemails offering up my thoughts. Each week, the show would grow and he would eventually introduce us to his co-host Nic Brown. Then, something magical happened when his wife Mary joined the show. The B-Movie Cast was now coming together in ways it never had before. Little could we have imagined it would eventually grow to more than 370 episodes strong.

Vince Mary and NicThe show would continue to evolve with the additions of Juan, the rotating guests and the constantly expanding family members calling in each week. We would all suffer through the nuclear outages and smile at every word Vince would butcher. As the years would pass, we would become exposed to so many great films we had never taken the time to watch or had even heard of. And yes, we would occasional grimace at such disasters like Christmas on Mars. Through it all, we welcomed Vince into our homes and hearts just as he did to us. Whether we were relaxing on the couch or traveling to work, Vince was there each and every week.

B Movie CastThe very fact that you are reading this is due in large part to Vince. It was on the B Movie Cast that I was able to voice my thoughts on film and even be a co-host on more than one occasion. It was there that Beast from the Beginning of Time (1965) was first discussed and available online. It was through the show that I met Nic Brown, which resulted in my first two articles being posted on his website and, ultimately the launching of Monster Movie Kid. Simply said, there would be no Monster Movie Kid without Vince Rotolo.

Vince’s gentle nature and laughter with his friends was always the perfect escape for two or three hours from whatever reality everyone was dealing with. My thoughts go out to his wife Mary, who brightened the show each and every week with her presence. I will never be able to meet Vince face-to-face at the Monster Bash and that is one of my deepest regrets.

As I offer up my prayers and condolences to Mary, his family and all of the podcast community, I present this challenge. Beyond our words, let’s think in the days and weeks and months ahead on how we can honor the memory of Vince Rotolo. He was a podcasting pioneer and, above everything else, a friend to all of us. Rest in peace my friend.


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