Remembering When the B Movie Cast Met Richard from Wichita

VinceTo be a listener of the B Movie Cast meant that Vince Rotolo welcomed you into his home. Each and every week, he would educate us on a film we either hadn’t seen in a long time or had never even heard of. Most of the times, they were winners and a few times, they were pretty bad. But no matter how bad the movie might have been, just listening to Vince’s positive comments and enthusiasm was infectious. His love for these movies never wavered.

As most of us cannot be there to celebrate the life of Vince Rotolo in person this week, I’m doing what many are doing tonight and tomorrow…thinking of his wife Mary and remembering some of the wonderful films he covered on his show. I was lucky enough to be a guest co-host on four separate occasions, back when I was referring to myself as “Richard from Wichita”, a name Vince never could forget. It was these reviews that gave me the encouragement to dust off my writer’s pen and write those first reviews for the B Movie Man site and, eventually, launch this blog.

Confessions_of_an_Opium_EaterI have been humbled as I’ve heard my name mentioned more than once over the last week among the cast of characters known as the B Movie Clubhouse. Thank you Vince for having me on your show, starting this community which introduced me to so many cool people, welcoming me into your world and talking about the movies we loved.

Episode 75 (9-27-09) – Confessions of an Opium Eater (1962) starring Vincent Price

Episode 93 (3-8-10) – The Beast from the Beginning of Time (1965) starring Tom Leahy

Episode 152 (4-24-11) – The Devil’s Rain (1975) starring William Shatner

Episode 225 (11-21-12) – Kingdom of the Spiders (1978) starring William Shatner

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