Introducing Some Friends of Monster Movie Kid – Part Two

Several weeks back, I introduced you to some friends of mine. Through my love of movies and comics, I’ve had the great fortune to meet some wonderful people. I’ve met some face-to-face, others virtually. Some are artists, others are writers. As I’ve previously said, it’s always nice to get a little recognition. So here are some more friends of mine that deserve the spotlight.

SolitaryWriter CW Cooke

CW Cooke is a writer that I first met at Freestate Comicon 2014. I was immediately drawn to the Vincent Price Presents comics on his table and quickly amazed at his work. I’ve been following his career ever since. His work in the four-issue series Solitary is fantastic and he’s got lots more coming out soon. All four issues of Stillwater, with artwork by Kelsey Wroten, have just been released online and a little bird told me he’s hoping to have some in print at the upcoming Planet Comicon here in Kansas City. The Barrens is soon to be released as well! You can find him on Facebook, so send him a Friend request today. That’s the best way to follow what he has coming out. You’ll be glad you did!

Robot PulpArtist Ed Bickford

I first met Ed as he was creating a giant robot piece of art outside of Elite Comics on Free Comic Book Day 2015. I became an instant fan of his incredibly cool Robot Pulp series of artistic creations. I was lucky enough to get an original piece of work at the Freestate Comicon 2015 along with a print. Ed has been working on a new online series called The Birdlander with writer Aaron Walther. The Birdlander made its’ debut in print form at Fancon #45 in Lawrence, KS on April 2. I have my copy, do you? Check out the website for The Birdlander and become a supporter. You can also find Ed on Facebook and Twitter.

BSOH Comic 2Video Creator/Editor and Horror Host Joel Sanderson

This June, Joel Sanderson will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Basement Sublet of Horror, episodes of which are currently available on He’ll also be celebrating his 26th year of video production. Joel is the man behind Gunther Dedmund, the horror host of The Basement Sublet of Horror. He’s also the editor of The Basement Sublet of Horror magazine and comics, all of which are currently available on Joel does some amazing work and his vast knowledge of film is unrivaled. He also has a very creative mind, evident through his artistic creations. Check out the main website and start becoming familiar with his work today!

There are many more creative people out there. They’re running podcasts like Derek M. Koch or Terry Frost; writing novels and creating films like Nic Brown; writing blogs like Barry Harding; and watching films non-stop to share with all of us like Juan Ortiz. Plus many, many more. Check out their work and let them all know Monster Movie Kid sent you.

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