Happy Birthday Kayla!

As the saying goes, it’s my blog and I’ll write about it if I want to…or something to that effect. Today, I am not writing about some great monster flick or legendary horror actor. Rather, I am offering up birthday wishes to my daughter…my little sweet pea, Kayla!

Kayla has always been daddy’s little girl, whether it was playing Power Rangers with her brother and I on Saturday mornings or wanting to get in on the latest all-star wrestling bout in the living room. But most of all, she’s always had a love for scary movies. Imagine how proud I was when her and her brother discovered Vincent Price in House on Haunted Hill or the smile on my face when they wanted to sit down and watch Batman or The Three Stooges. Kayla and I watched Ghost Hunters for years (until we both gave up on it) and, most importantly, we’ve been watching every episode of Supernatural together since day one. We even traveled down to Dallas to meet Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. And she loves to attend comic conventions with me, carrying my wish list and reading off issue numbers as I pour through long boxes searching for cool stuff. Yep, she’s a cool kid and I’m proud to be her father!

Happy 24th Birthday Kayla!!!Kayla Walking Dead

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