Summer of Forgotten Horror Offers Up Lost Gems

Old FilmThe summer of 2016 has arrived. Soon, the gentle whir of air conditioners and sprinklers watering lawns will be heard as we rush to the cinema for the latest sequel or reboot at the multiplex. But while we monster kids anxiously wait for the most glorious time of year, better known as Halloween to the uninitiated, there are stacks of unwatched films on our shelves just waiting to be dusted off. And so, a plan has been created for the Summer of Forgotten Horror.

Here at Monster Movie Kid, the Summer of Forgotten Horror will be a weekly series where I take a look at a movie from long past that is rarely, if ever, talked about. We’ll see some familiar faces, such as Warner Oland and the legendary Boris Karloff, but the titles of the flicks will probably be new to you.

So, fire up the popcorn machine, pop a TV dinner in the microwave and grab a beverage of choice. Let’s sit back and enjoy the lazy days of summer while discovering some lost gems.


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