Dread Media – The Giant Spider (2013)

The Giant SpiderThis week on the Dread Media podcast, it’s part two of my three-part series taking a look at the Mihmiverse. Christopher R. Mihm is the writer, producer and director who has envisioned a series of films that are loosely connected, either by places, characters or familiar faces. They are made as a homage to those great sci-fi and monster flicks of the 50s, complete with monsters in suits and corny dialogue, filmed in glorious black and white. This week, it’s time for a giant bug flick in the vein of such classics as Them! (1954) and Tarantula (1955). The Giant Spider (2013) won the Forest J. Ackerman Film Award at the Famous Monsters of Filmland Festival in 2013.

So, sit down and listen to episode 460, then check out the Christoper R. Mihm website at www.sainteuphoria.com, where you can find all of his movies in addition to posters, lobby cards and more!


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