Trek 50 – The Day My Wife Met Captain Picard

trek-50It’s no secret that like many wives, Geri tolerated my hobbies. My constantly growing movie collection baffled her and for many years, she just shook her head at Doctor Who. Yet, as time passed, she was either assimilated or I wore her down, still not sure which. But the day I knew she had truly come to the dark side was the day she met Patrick Stewart and Dean Cain.

Now Geri had traveled with me down to Trek Expo on several trips. She loved meeting Yvonne Craig and getting a Batgirl autograph for Joey. She was impressed when Avery Brooks complimented me on my “wonderful family” as we got his autograph in a very long line. But it was our trip to Mega Con in Florida in 2013 where I saw someone who truly fit in with the rest of us nerds.

The entire cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation was there that day. It was Geri who encouraged me to get a cast photo signed by everyone, stating “When will everyone be together like this again?” The biggest guest was Patrick Stewart and I had wondered how talkative he might be whenever I finally got up in line (which took hours, the longest I’ve ever waited). Geri and I would take turns checking everything out, which is how she found the Earth-2 Justice Society artwork that graces my office wall, framed to her specifications. She would always spoil me with items I’d never ask for myself, such as the Deep Space Nine framed and autographed poster that now graces a living room wall. Yet, it was at Mega Con where she embraced her inner nerd in ways that made my heart sing.

geri-dean-cainAs we finally met Patrick Stewart and got his autograph, he smiled at me, I smiled back and said thank you. Short and sweet. But Geri? She started up a conversation about how we were there for marching band with our children. He was excited as he loved music and wanted to know more. I stood by with my jaw hanging on the floor as she was having a moment with Captain Picard. My second of jealousy turned to envy before I started to smile from ear to ear. And she was beyond excited.

And what happened while I was waiting in line and she just left on one of her trips around the convention floor? She had another moment. We used to love to watch Lois and Clark back in the day. Geri loved Dean Cain and he was there as well. She got in line and not only paid for an autograph, she got a picture with him and a big hug. I witnessed this from afar. Superman was hugging my wife! And she wouldn’t stop grinning!

Geri would never stop amazing me. She loved the Marvel movies and, after we moved to Kansas City, she became a big fan of all of the TV shows, good and bad. I miss my best friend more than words will ever come close to accurately describing. But I smile so easily remembering all of the fantastic times we had together. Love you and miss you so very much Geri!megacon


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