Horror Fest 2016 – Return of Doctor X (1939)

return-of-doctor-x-1Horror Fest 2016: Return of Doctor X (1939)
Cast:      Humphrey Bogart as Marshall Quesne
Rosemary Lane as Joan Vance
Wayne Morris as Walter Garrett
John Litel as Dr. Francis Flegg

Based on the short story The Doctor’s Secret written by William J. Makin
Screenplay by Lee Katz
Directed by Vincent Sherman

Plot: Reporter Walter Garrett (despite being billed as “Walter Barnett”) discovers an actress has been murdered but when the police arrive, her body is missing. Then, after she turns up alive and well, he loses his job, forcing him to find out what is really going on. Could it be the strange doctor who is an expert on blood? And what about the growing list of murder victims who were all drained of their blood?return-of-doctor-x-2

Personal Thoughts: First, this movie is not a sequel to Doctor X (1932), despite both films coming from Warner Brothers. Now, I’m sure there was an attempt to make a loose connection at the time in an attempt to lure people into the theater. Nonetheless, this is a separate film that is better than the reputation it has in the horror community. No, it’s not a classic but anytime you can see Humphrey Bogart in a horror flick, you know you have to at least watch it once. Bogart does turn in a very unique and bizarre performance that is well worth watching. And yes, we have a news reporter doing his best to solve the crime so he doesn’t have to go back to Wichita (which made me laugh). Mostly forgettable but worth watching for Bogart.


  • Bogart never talked about the film as he considered it one of his worst.


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