Horror Fest 2016 – Classic Horrors Club

In the first installment of the October Friends of Monster Movie Kid, I’d like to give a Wolf Man howling shout out to the Classic Horrors Club. I’ve had the honor to recently meet the great writer of this blog, Jeff Owens. Talking through Facebook after “meeting” through the podcast community, we discovered we both lived in Kansas City. It wasn’t long before we met in person and yes gang, he’s one of us!

Even though I’m not cranking out a movie review a day this Halloween season, Jeff has more than enough content at his site to keep you busy. In fact, he’s putting this monster kid to shame. Since the first of October, he’s already published seven reviews on some fantastic Hammer sci-fi classics, including the Quatermass trilogy. So, do yourself a big favor and go check out the Classic Horrors Club right now. He offers some great insight into the films we all love! And tell him Monster Movie Kid sent ya! cropped-cth-header-resized


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