Horror Fest 2016 – The Monster Walks (1932)

the-monster-walks-1932Horror Fest 2016: The Monster Walks (1932)
Cast:      Mischa Auer as Hanns Krug (Drums of Jeopardy, Tarzan the Fearless)
Martha Mattox as Mrs. Krug
Rex Lease as Ted Clayton
Vera Reynolds as Ruth Earlton
Sheldon Lewis as Robert Earlton
Sleep n’ Eat as Exodus (The Ghost Breakers, A-Haunting We Will Go)

Story and Adaptation by Robert Ellis (Charlie Chan’s Secret)
Directed by Frank R. Strayer (The Vampire Bat)

Plot: It’s a dark and stormy night as Ruth Earlton and her fiancé Ted arrive home to discover that her father has died. As many question what will become of the estate, an odd assortment of people have gathered in this old, dark house. Foul play is lurking in the shadows, from the housekeeper Mrs. Krug to her son Hanns. Of course, don’t count out the invalid Robert Earlton, brother of the deceased. And why is there a caged ape in the basement?the-monster-walks-2

Personal Thoughts: Doesn’t it seem like every scientist, mad or otherwise, had an ape or gorilla locked in a cage in the 30s and 40s. And if you own an old, dark house, there’s going to be a murder at some point. For what was an obviously low budget flick, The Monster Walks is actually entertaining 63 minute effort, complete with thunder and hidden passages. Now, the ape never really does much and the cast is of the local dinner theater variety. However, it’s still fun for what it is. Considering you can find this movie for free (or most likely in a box set you already own), the price is right for some low-rent fun. A little creaky but worth a watch.


  • The film is one of over 200 that were made available for television broadcasts as early as 1942. However, it didn’t make its’ TV debut until Aug. 22, 1952, on channel 13 WATV in New York City.
  • Actor Willie Best is billed as “Sleep n’ Eat”, a name he used in at least six films until 1935.
  • Film is now in the public domain.


  • Watch the film on YouTube.
  • Part of countless public domain DVD sets.

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