Horror Fest 2016 – Monster Kid Radio

In 2008, I discovered podcast legend Derek M. Koch. He had just launched a new podcast called Mail Order Zombie. For 205 episodes, the podcast covered everything you wanted to know about zombie films…and a lot you probably didn’t. And then Derek rediscovered his inner monster kid.

In May 2013, the Monster Kid Radio podcast was created and, as of today, it is still going strong with 289 episodes. Yours truly has even been a guest on several occasions with another visit coming in the near future. If you love old monster and horror flicks, do yourself a favor and tune in to this show each and every week. Derek produces a professional show that deserves a spot on mainstream radio or satellite. The time and effort he puts in each week is mind-boggling and amazing. It should then come as no surprise that this podcast is also award winning. Derek was the proud recipient of the 2014 Rondo Award for Best Multimedia Site.

So go…right now…and listen to Monster Kid Radio! And tell Derek that Monster Movie Kid sent ya!


Monster Portrait art by Shelby Denham

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