Horror Fest 2016 – Mihmiverse and Mr. Sullivan

monster-of-phantom-lakeHave you ever heard of the Mihmiverse? I’m sure most of you have but just in case there are some of you out there that remain under a rock, it’s time to unearth yourself and check it out. Since 2006, Christopher R. Mihm has been creating brand new movies in the vein of the classic and cheesy sci-fi and horror flicks we’ve all seen time and time again.

Since The Monster of Phantom Lake and right on through to his latest, Weresquito: Nazi Hunter, Christopher remains dedicated to his loyal and ever-growing fan base. From moon zombies to ghosts to giant spiders, he’s keeping all of us monster kids busy and happy. Go to his website, sainteuphoria.com, to get everything you need from DVDs to lobby cards to t-shirts. You’ll be happy you did!

canoe-copsAnd right around the corner, we have a little spin-off realm from the literary mind of award-winning author Stephen D. Sullivan. He’s taken characters from the Mihmiverse and written an exciting story, Canoe Cops vs. The Mummy! It’s now available in print, so check out his website and, once there, I’m sure you’ll find some other surprises. He’s written adaptations of White Zombie and even Manos – The Hands of Fate, which recently won the 2016 Scribe Award for Best Adapted Novel!

And, as always, tell them Monster Movie Kid sent ya!

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