Monster Movie Kid Boris Karloff Magazine Now on Indy Planet

boris-karloff-guide-specialOn Oct. 1, the very first Monster Movie Kid magazine was released. Put together by Joel Sanderson as special edition issue 2 of The Basement Sublet of Horror magazine, it made it’s debut at the Free State Comicon in Lawrence, KS. Now, no matter where you are, you too can have your very own copy!

Richard Chamberlain’s Guide to the Films of Boris Karloff is available through Indy Planet, either as a digital copy for $1.99 or as a print-on-demand for $6.00. With a beautiful cover, fit for framing, and 48 pages of Karloff goodness, it doesn’t get much better. This features almost all of my Boris Karloff articles (the last two from August 2016 were posted online too late to make print) in an easy-to-find alphabetical order.

Once you order your copy, let me know what you think. Give me your feedback and tell me whether or not you’d like to see a Bela Lugosi companion piece in 2017.

Special thank you to Joel Sanderson for his hard work in putting this together and making my articles look that much better!


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