Countdown to Christmas – OTR Christmas Suggestions

christmas-otrIt’s another cold December night. The fire is roaring and your glass is full of egg nog. But what’s this? You’re not in the mood for Christmas cheer? You want a ghostly, horrific tale to haunt your dreams instead of sugar plums? If my suggestions back in 2013 weren’t enough for you, then sit back and turn on the radio to listen to these tales from Christmas past.

  • Suspense – Back for Christmas (12-23-43): While I know the Escape version a little better, this one starring the legendary Peter Lorre is a perfect horror and holiday mix. It’s a tale of a henpecked husband who has some dark Christmas plans for his nagging wife. And what is this Devil’s garden he’s making in his basement?
  • Lights Out – Uninhabited (1937): Arch Oboler always weaves a story that gets under your skin and remains with you. Long after the Christmas tree is packed away, this suspenseful story of war-torn France in 1918 will haunt your soul.
  • The Mysterious Traveler – New Year’s Nightmare (Jan. 5, 1947): Christmas is over and New Year’s Day is right around the corner. We all know how excessive drinking is a rite of passage for some on New Year’s Eve. This is a story of what happens when it causes a man to lose his fiancée and the dark path it sets him on.

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