Classic Horrors Club Podcast Episode 1 – King Kong (1976)

classic-horrors-clubMonster kids unite! Allow me to introduce The Classic Horrors Club Podcast! Jeff Owens, from the Classic Horrors Club website, and Monster Movie Kid love all things horror and monsters. We both live in the Kansas City metro area and whenever we get together, we talk movies for hours. So we decided to stick a couple of microphones in front of us to see what would happen. And this is the result.

Now, let’s get out some honest disclaimers. Jeff is the technical wizard and learning all about editing. So, you’ll find that the audio quality sounds like we’re in a dungeon (which is kind of a cool 1960s AM radio effect). That will be improved in future episodes. We’re also open to feedback and want to hear from you on how we can improve. We’re looking at setting up a website and Facebook page in the future but for now, reach out to us on Facebook or through our respective websites. We also would like to hear what you want us to talk about in the future.

king-kong-1976Our goal is to provide something a little different and not step on any other podcast toes. I’ll continue to be heard on the Dread Media podcast and I have future episodes planned for Monster Kid Radio. Derek and Desmond produce fantastic shows, so Jeff and I want to add to the community, not take away from them or other shows, such as the B Movie Cast.

In this first episode, we’ll be talking about King Kong (1976) as it celebrates its’ 40th anniversary. There is some comparison to the other versions and sequels, as well as some financial facts and what the cinematic landscape looked like in 1976. Watch the trailer on YouTube and get yourself ready for…Kong!

The Classic Horrors Club Podcast is part of Downright Creepy and the Phantom Podcast Network. You can listen to it on iTunes and Soundcloud.


2 thoughts on “Classic Horrors Club Podcast Episode 1 – King Kong (1976)

  1. I really enjoyed the first episode of your new podcast! ’76 Kong is one that I definitely need to revisit. Can’t wait to hear more on my way to and from work. Great addition to the podcasts that I listen to now: B-Movie Cast and Monster Kid Radio.

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