We’re Coming to Get You Monster Bash

After years of conflicts, the time is now! The car is packed, snacks at the ready, items to be signed are safely secured…it’s time for Monster Bash 2017! Monster Movie Kid is heading to Mars, PA with Jeff Owens of the Classic Horrors Club podcast as the world’s greatest monster convention awaits. I’ll be meeting fellow monster kids and podcasters for the very first time, making my bank account weep, and soaking in every single moment. From meeting stars like Ricou Browning (Creature from the Black Lagoon) to getting my free burrito at the late night Mexican horror movie to watching How to Make a Monster under the stars, there won’t be a grave left unturned!

If you’re reading this and you’re headed to Monster Bash, introduce yourself! I’ll be the big kid with a smile on his face (as if that’s gonna help you there)Meanwhile, this blog will take a summer break but we’ll be back next week! See you at the Bash!



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