Countdown to Halloween Day 12: Danny Johnson Saves the World (2015)

Countdown to Halloween – Day 12: Danny Johnson Saves the World (2015)
Cast:      Elliot Mihm as Danny Johnson
Gabrielle Bilotta as Cassie Eliot
R.J. Lundgren as Red
Alice Mihm as Evelyn
James Norgard as Grandpa

Written & Directed by Christopher R. Mihm

Plot: It’s Christmas time and Grandpa has been coerced into telling his grandchildren a story. So, he naturally goes back to the time that he aka Danny Johnson saved the world from an alien invasion. There’s an evil king and queen, killer robots and Steve added in for the fun-filled adventure!

Personal Thoughts: Danny Johnson Saves the World is Christopher R. Mihm’s homage to the classic family films from the 50s and 60s. This one is a much lighthearted effort and I was pleasantly surprised with how much fun this one was. Eliott Mihm was very good in the lead role, as was all of the young and non-professional cast. Mitch Gonzales has created an amazing killer robot while Norman Yeend’s stop-motion dinosaur was a fun addition. While I found the frequent sequences with Grandpa a little tedious at times, James Norgard is always so entertaining to watch. I also greatly enjoyed the opening color Canoe Cops cartoon. A very fun and entertaining entry in the Mihmiverse.


  • Elliot Mihm appears as Danny Johnson, marking his third time (Terror from Beneath the Earth and The Giant Spider) playing the young character and first time in a lead role.
  • Alice Mihm also appeared as young Alice in The Giant Spider (2013).
  • James Norgard’s classic “Dear God No” line is heard not once but twice, so make sure you watch until the very end of the credits.
  • Released in Esperanto, as most other Mihmiverse films. Esperanto was created by Dr. Ludwig L. Zamenhof as an attempt at a universally spoken language.
  • Steve is available in four different puppet versions from the Mihmiverse site.

Availability: Available on DVD through the Saint Euphoria website, the online home of the films of Christopher R. Mihm.


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