Countdown to Halloween Day 13: Weresquito Nazi Hunter (2016)

Countdown to Halloween – Day 13: Weresquito: Nazi Hunter (2016)
Cast:      Douglas Sidney as Cpl. John Baker
Rachel Grubb as Leisl Schmidt
James Norgard as Dr. Schramm
Michael G. Kaiser as The Weresquito

Written & Directed by Christopher R. Mihm

Plot: World War II is over but Cpl. John Baker is still experiencing a living hell thanks to the mad experiments of Nazi scientist Dr. Schramm. He has turned Baker into a creature for whenever he sees blood, he transforms into the blood-sucking Weresquito. Baker is tracking down all of the other experiments and the good doctor himself but he didn’t count on meeting Leisl.

Personal Thoughts: This is a vast departure from everything we’ve see in the Mihmiverse to date and it might be hard for some people to adjust. It is not family friendly and much darker, which unfortunately means significantly less humor. While there are still some of the usual Mihmiverse gags, such as the flashlight routine, it is a much more serious corner of the Mihmiverse. I enjoyed the movie overall but it’s just so different when you’ve come to expect more light hearted fare. That said, it is one of Christopher’s better films, just not a good starting off point for a new Mihmiverse fan.



  • This film directly connects to The Monster of Phantom Lake (2006) with the appearance of Michael Kaiser, which also connects it to House of Ghosts (2012), where we are introduced to his mother Ursula.
  • James Norgard manages to squeeze in his usual line of “Dear God No” with a German twist, stating “Dear God Nein” in a rather intense moment in the film’s climax.

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