Countdown to Halloween Day 17: Half Human (1955)

Countdown to Halloween – Day 17: Half Human (1955)
      Akira Takarada as Takeshi Iijima
Akemi Negishi as Chika

Written by Takeo Murata & Shigeru Kayama
Directed by Ishiro Honda

Plot: A group of mountain climbers and a local village on Mount Fuji are terrorized by a strange yeti-like creature.

Personal Thoughts: Half Human is almost like a holy grail for DVD collectors. While I always support buying legit copies of films, sometimes the bootleg market is your only option. However, even that is a gargantuan task due to the scarcity of this film. Having finally viewed it, I can say it was quite enjoyable. It does drag in a few places but the setting is unique for a Toho film and the snow creature’s design is quite good. The addition of the snow creature’s child is an interesting twist that ultimately plays a key part of the movie. There are some scenes of man-on-woman violence that are quite graphic and might be a little unsettling to watch. That said, a great cast and interesting plot make this well worth tracking down in its’ original Japanese version.



  • Toho has banned Half Human because of the negative depiction of villagers from Burakumin as being inbred savages.
  • Released in the United States in 1958 with much of the original Japanese footage replaced with a new American plot starring John Carradine. The end result is a poorly made film that has little resemblance to the original.

Availability: The original Japanese version remains unreleased on home video and is near impossible to find on the bootleg market. It will take patience and a master of Google Fu!


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